Friday, December 21, 2012

Dog Park Adventure: Chilly Dogs

Since I had the day off work, I decided to take the Axle and Clover to the Centennial Dog Park in Nashville. It's been a few weeks since we have been to this particular park because it's been so rainy and cold the last few weekends. We got a short break from the rain, but it was still pretty cold and windy out today. Thankfully a few other people and their dogs decided to brave the weather and come out to the park too. 

 Making silly faces is a must at the dog park.

 Axle was having a great time!

 We met Romeo the Powder Puff Chinese Crested today. He was showing off his new Christmas coat.

 Clover has an ear sniffing obsession...

 Clover loves to show off for the camera. This is her wind blown look.
 This was Penny the Border Collie's first time at the dog park!

 Penny checking out the camera. She was a sweet and curious pup!

 Axle taking advantage of anyone willing to give his a butt scratch.

 Clover making friends with little Penny! They were so cute!

 She did such a good job trying to keep up with the big dogs.

 Penny's sister Lola couldn't get enough of chasing the tennis ball!

 Everyone was loving on Penny! She was in puppy paradise!

 Lola waiting for her dad to throw the ball.

 Axle knows when to turn on the charm!

 Clover made a new friend, Dodger the Boston Terrier.

 Clover and Dodger love to play tug of war!

 Hi Dodger!

 June Bug and Axle had a great time playing chase!

June Bug getting in one more close up shot!

We had such a good time at the park today. It was pretty cold so we only stayed for about two hours. But Axle and Clover got to see a lot of their friends. See your dog? Leave us a note so we can put their name with their picture! What have you been doing this weekend?


  1. Awww, I miss taking my dogs to the dog park! But Rev became a little jerk to other dogs, so I don't take them all anymore. =( Jessica L

  2. Aw that's too bad :( sometimes Axle gets a little to rowdy. But if that happens we just take a 'doggie time out' and that seems to calm him down. Haha!