Monday, April 29, 2013

Pet of the Week: Snowflake

Well, its been quite a while since my last post... I've had some pretty heavy personal/family stuff going on lately and its been weighing a lot on my mind. And its been a bit hard to keep up with the blog as of late. But things seem to be calming down and falling into place. I won't get into it all here, that's just not what this blog is about. But I wanted to explain my recent absence...

I'm hoping to get back into the routine now. And I thought we'd start the week with something light, so without further adieu, lets get to this weeks Potw!

Meet Snowflake! This Dalmatian mix, senior girl could not be sweeter. She is absolutely a joy to be around. She needs to lay off the cookies a little, and has a pretty strict exercise plan to help her slim down. But that's not a huge deal, because this sassy girl loves going on walks. She has amazing leash manners, and will walk right next to you the whole time. 

She has a touch of arthritics in her back, so she requests that there be no rough petting or scratching, please. She would be great for an older couple or single person. She might do alright with a family with older children that can understand her needs. But she is really a great dog, with a lot of love left to give. I have always had a soft spot for senior dogs, and Snowflake is no exception.

If you think that you could be a good match for Snowflake, please contact the Williamson County Animal Control and Rescue Center in Franklin TN. Or check out their Pet Finder page for many other adoptable pets!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pet of the Week: Brittany

Since we missed a few weeks of PotW because of the quarantine, I though we would go ahead and have an extra one this week to make up. This pretty girl is Brittany. She is a young Boxer/Pit mix and will do anything for a belly rub! She currently has a little bit of Cherry Eye, but is being treated by the vet staff at the shelter, and she will be as good as new in no time. Brittany is such a sweet girl, and would be great for a first time Pit owner. 
Brittany is great on a leash, and has lots of energy to play! But she isn't crazy hyper, so she would be great for an active family. She is extremely affectionate, and eager to make new friends. If you think that Brittany would be a good fit for your family please contact The Williamson County Animal Control & Adoption Center in Franklin, Tn. Or check out their Pet Finder page for their many other adoptable pets!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pet of the Week: Petunia

Well hello there dear readers. Its been a few weeks since we have had a POTW post. The shelter where I volunteer had a little Distemper outbreak, and was under quarantine for almost a month. Everything is alright now. But the shelter was not letting the volunteers come in for safety reasons. This past Sunday was my first shift back, and I was so happy to be there! I hadn't realized how much I really love going into the shelter to walk the dogs until I wasn't allowed to go!
But we are now back and business! This weeks PotW is a sweet girl named Petunia. Or Tuna, as I have affectionately nicknamed her. When she walks the tips of her ears bounce a little and look like tiny fins. And the smidgen of white on her tail reminds me of an Angler Fish's lure when it curls over her back. Its so adorable! 
Petunia is a medium sized girl with pretty prefect leash manners. She would be great for a laid back family that likes to take long walks and cuddle on the couch. Petunia is a young adult dog, but is surprisingly mellow for her age. She is sweet as can be, and looking for her forever home!

If you think that your family would be a good match for Petunia please contact The Williamson County Animal Control & Adoption Center in Franklin Tn. Or check out their Pet Finder page for their other adoptable animals!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doggie Makeovers!

Hello dear readers, it has been a while. Real life just seems to be getting in the way lately. We had a death in the family at the beginning of last week, so there has been a lot of visiting family in town. It was really wonderful to have everyone here, I just wish it were under better circumstances. We have been spending a lot of time with everyone while they were here. And even managed to get all of the younger cousins over for a game night. That was a lot of fun, and hopefully the next time everyone gets together it will be for a happier reason.

One thing that we were able to get done last week we gave Axle and Clover their much needed summer hair cuts. We have been wanting to do this for a few weeks now, but its just now starting to stay consistently warm out. This was the first time we've done this, but I am actually really happy with how their hair cuts turned out!
 Clover Before
Clover After

Paul made me leave her tail fluffy. I think she looks like a lemur, but it is pretty cute. And my goodness is she so much happier without all that fur! Clover is usually not a cuddly dog. She will sit next to you on the couch, but if you try to love on her too much she bails. But since we shaved her down all she wants to do is be cuddled and petted. I really think she just got so overheated before, but now that she isn't carrying around all that fur she is a lot more comfortable. 

And she also wants to be outside all the time now! We have a small back patio that the dogs can go out on and get some fresh air. Clover was never really too keen on the patio, but now I can't get her to come inside! Its so funny to see her jump up and run to the door whenever I ask the dogs if they want to go out. But when its time for them to come in I have to physically go out and get Clover because she is having too much fun laying in the sunshine.

And don't worry about her getting too cold. The dogs have beds, blankets, and pillows galore. Axle and Colver are both strictly inside dogs. They only go outside to potty and play. Otherwise they are kept safe, warm, and cozy inside the house.
Axle Before

Axle After

Axle is making such a weird face in this photo. There was a big bumble bee buzzing around when I took this. And he sooo wanted to eat it. Does anyone else's dogs like eating bumble bees!? I swear they both go nuts trying to catch them when ever they happen to buzz by.

Axle doesn't look that different, but we figured we'd go ahead and shave him down too. The dogs both seem a lot happier with their summer cuts. The back patio was completely covered in fur after Paul and I were finished. But it was worth the mess because we would have had a $200+ bill if we had taken them to the groomers. And I think that we did a pretty good job too! And it has cut down on the shedding tremendously!

Do you clip your dogs for the summer? Have you ever done it yourself, or do you use a groomer? Do you have any grooming tips? Drop us a note in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dog Park Adventure: Free Samples

We headed out to the park on Tuesday, to hand out some Axle Bites samples. For the middle of the week it was pretty busy. And everyone seemed to be excited about all the free treats! While handing out all the samples I was also able to get some photos of all the dogs.

 This little guy was super stoked about this rope toy he found.
 We met a beautiful Akita.
 Clover played Leap Frog with a Great Dane.

It's always a good idea to take a break every so often.
 I love these close up, bobble head shots. They always made me laugh!
French Bulldog on a mission!
 What a pretty coat!

 Axle had to have a little break. Sometimes he just gets too excited! 
 There is just something about French Bulldogs that make me smile.
What's over there!?
 Maya came to the park today! She is so pretty!
This Carin Tarrier was so adorable! 

 Sprout the Heeler mix puppy was ready for action!

 This little doggie was really enjoying our Axle Bites treats!
 We ran into Theo again!
 *smooch* Sometimes Axle likes to get fresh with the ladies.
 Axle and Loki!

 This gorgeous girl also showed at the park. I talked to her mom a little bit and found out she is a Lethal White, meaning she has vision and hearing impairment. Regardless of any disabilities, she was a sweet, happy, and completely wonderful pup enjoying some time at the park!! 
This sweet dog couldn't wait for his Dad to throw the ball!
Clover isn't really sure what Theo finds so funny.

We had a really great time a the park last week. And there is lots of warm weather heading our way, so we will get to go a lot more often. Please let us know if you see your dog, so we can put their name with their picture!

Do any of you take you dogs to parks or do any other activities? We would love to know more about you and your dogs! Leave us a note in the comments!

Friday, April 5, 2013

At The Dog Park at The Franklin Art Scene!

Hello dear readers! I hope that all of you are having a spectacular Friday! Don't forget that At The Dog Park will be at the Franklin Art Scene tonight! We will be set up at 225 2nd Ave S in Franklin TN from 6 to 9PM. We are so excited to get to be part of such a wonderful event! So if you are in the Nashville are, please come and visit us at The Franklin Art Scene!
If you are not in the area or just not able to make it, never fear! You can always check out our Etsy shop! Our blog readers can use coupon code "CLOVER" for $1 off your first bag of Axle Bites!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dog Park Adventure: Spring Is (almost) Here

I hope that everyone had a great Easter! On Saturday we took a much needed trip to the dog park! We have not been able to go in about 2 weeks because it has been raining here so much. But Spring is finally here, and we are so excited! The weather was great, and it was so nice to finally have a day at the park where it wasn't freezing.
 It's time to play!
 A lot of the time, dogs like to check out the camera. It always it a good idea to bring extra cleaning cloths to help with all the nose prints.
 Hello Honey!

 Theo (orange collar) makes a new buddy.
 T finds a Frisbee!
 Theo strikes a pose.
 T the Bulldog is always the life of the party!

 Clover always seems to get muddy every time we go to the park.
 T smiling for the camera. How could anyone not love that face!

 There were so many dogs at the park!
 T might as well be our poster boy. We always seem to get so many great pictures of him!

 Catch me if you can!
 A wild Theo appears!
 T is such a handsome boy!
 Axle showing off his good looks.
 Carter has such a sweet smile!
 Break time.
 Hello there.
 Axle likes to take time to smell the flowers... or weeds, hes not picky.
 I promise I do not Photoshop Clover's eyes. I have people stop me and ask all the time what she is. She's half Siberian Husky and half Golden Retriever, so that's how she got those crazy blue eyes.
 Clover likes to bird watch.
 This crazy bird kept landing at the park and would wait for a dog to chase it. Then it would take off, circle the park, and land on the other side. He did this about 10 times. It was driving all the dogs ballistic! I think this bird was having a lot of fun teasing all the dogs.

 Axle does not know the meaning of personal space.
 We met a sweet little Boarder Collie also named Axle at the park. He was so cute!
Clover likes to compare notes with other fluffy dogs.

We always have such a great time at the park. And I'm so glad that the weather is warming up here. That just means we will get to go to the all that more often. We are supposed to have some really nice sunny days coming up soon, and we can't wait!

See your dog? Let us know in the comments so we can put their name with their picture! And don't forget to follow us on Bloglovin, and check out our new Etsy shop!