Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dog Park Adventure: Dead Batteries

We took another fun trip to the dog park this weekend. But unfortunately what I thought were rechargeable camera batteries, were actually just regular old batteries. So about a half hour into the outing the camera died. So I was only able to get a hand full of pictures this time. But the dogs still had a good time! Haha!

 There is nothing better than a chocolate pup to brighten your day!
 Sometimes I get super crazy pictures...

 This pretty pittie was happy to be at the park today.

 This silly dog wanted to see if the camera would make a tasty snack. Thankfully he wasn't tall enough to reach.

 Well hello!

 What big (and cute!) eyes you have!

 I feel like this dog wants to sell me a car...haha!

Cleo is so gorgeous!

 What a pretty red Husky
Hi Cleo!

 Cleo greeting some new friends! *Boing! Boing! Boing!*
Even though I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures of this outing, we still had a great time. We finished out the weekend by taking two trips to the vet. This first was for both the dogs to get some routine medicine. And the second was when Axle had an allergic reaction to it... He is completely fine now. But it still was not fun. 

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun with your dogs? See your dog? Let us know in the comments below so we can put their name with their picture! 


  1. Hi! The white dog jumping at the fence and walking towards you in two other pics is my Cleo :)
    I found one of your business cards at the gate today and am so glad I checked this out! Great blog!
    -Erin Wattles

    1. Thanks Erin! I'm glad you picked up my card! I like to leave a few every time we visit the park! I'll update this post with Cleo's name, thanks for stopping by!