Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dog Park Adventure: Spring Is (almost) Here

I hope that everyone had a great Easter! On Saturday we took a much needed trip to the dog park! We have not been able to go in about 2 weeks because it has been raining here so much. But Spring is finally here, and we are so excited! The weather was great, and it was so nice to finally have a day at the park where it wasn't freezing.
 It's time to play!
 A lot of the time, dogs like to check out the camera. It always it a good idea to bring extra cleaning cloths to help with all the nose prints.
 Hello Honey!

 Theo (orange collar) makes a new buddy.
 T finds a Frisbee!
 Theo strikes a pose.
 T the Bulldog is always the life of the party!

 Clover always seems to get muddy every time we go to the park.
 T smiling for the camera. How could anyone not love that face!

 There were so many dogs at the park!
 T might as well be our poster boy. We always seem to get so many great pictures of him!

 Catch me if you can!
 A wild Theo appears!
 T is such a handsome boy!
 Axle showing off his good looks.
 Carter has such a sweet smile!
 Break time.
 Hello there.
 Axle likes to take time to smell the flowers... or weeds, hes not picky.
 I promise I do not Photoshop Clover's eyes. I have people stop me and ask all the time what she is. She's half Siberian Husky and half Golden Retriever, so that's how she got those crazy blue eyes.
 Clover likes to bird watch.
 This crazy bird kept landing at the park and would wait for a dog to chase it. Then it would take off, circle the park, and land on the other side. He did this about 10 times. It was driving all the dogs ballistic! I think this bird was having a lot of fun teasing all the dogs.

 Axle does not know the meaning of personal space.
 We met a sweet little Boarder Collie also named Axle at the park. He was so cute!
Clover likes to compare notes with other fluffy dogs.

We always have such a great time at the park. And I'm so glad that the weather is warming up here. That just means we will get to go to the all that more often. We are supposed to have some really nice sunny days coming up soon, and we can't wait!

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  1. Replies
    1. Isn't he though! We love T, such a wonderful boy!


  2. Wow, so many cool puppie pals! Rico will be at the Franklin Dog Park some.... look for the all-white Chihuahua/Pomeranian face! (BTW, loved the peanut butter treats that my people dad got for me. Axle is a great cook!)

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad Rico enjoyed the Axle Bites! We will be at the next Franklin Art Scene as well, hope to see you again next time!


  3. Click on the link to see my Facebook page! I have lots of dog friends!

  4. Great photos!!!! :) I can't wait for the warm weather to stay!