Monday, April 29, 2013

Pet of the Week: Snowflake

Well, its been quite a while since my last post... I've had some pretty heavy personal/family stuff going on lately and its been weighing a lot on my mind. And its been a bit hard to keep up with the blog as of late. But things seem to be calming down and falling into place. I won't get into it all here, that's just not what this blog is about. But I wanted to explain my recent absence...

I'm hoping to get back into the routine now. And I thought we'd start the week with something light, so without further adieu, lets get to this weeks Potw!

Meet Snowflake! This Dalmatian mix, senior girl could not be sweeter. She is absolutely a joy to be around. She needs to lay off the cookies a little, and has a pretty strict exercise plan to help her slim down. But that's not a huge deal, because this sassy girl loves going on walks. She has amazing leash manners, and will walk right next to you the whole time. 

She has a touch of arthritics in her back, so she requests that there be no rough petting or scratching, please. She would be great for an older couple or single person. She might do alright with a family with older children that can understand her needs. But she is really a great dog, with a lot of love left to give. I have always had a soft spot for senior dogs, and Snowflake is no exception.

If you think that you could be a good match for Snowflake, please contact the Williamson County Animal Control and Rescue Center in Franklin TN. Or check out their Pet Finder page for many other adoptable pets!

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