Sunday, November 3, 2013

Diamond Candles Giveaway!

Hello dear readers! Sorry it has been quite a while since our last post. I'm still dealing with computer issues, and life has just been a world wind lately! I am currently hijacking Paul's computer in order to write this post. But to try and jump back into blogging I would like to bring you a very special giveaway!

Recently I was contacted by the lovely folks at Diamond Candles and asked to review one of their products. I was very flattered by this request and gladly accepted. If you have never heard of Diamond Candles before, they have a very unique product. When you purchase one of their candles, you are also getting a little surprise inside! Each candle comes with a ring hidden within the wax valuing from $10, $100, $1,000, and even up to $5,000!

You can view all of their different scents on their website, but I would like to share a little bit about my experience. I selected a watermelon scented candle. I really love the bright pink color, and was surprised at how large the candle was when it arrived.

I was so excited that I lit the candle right away. I will say that the very first time I lit the candle it was extremely strong. They do say on their website that these candles are "highly fragrant" and they are not kidding. The scent was very nice, but a little to strong for my liking. If you are sensitive to fragrances, then I would suggest only lighting it in a well ventilated room.

The ring in the Diamond Candle is kept in a small foil pouch just a few inches below the surface. As the wax melts down, the pouch containing your ring is revealed. It does take a few hours for the pouch to come to the surface, but I suppose if you are too excited to wait, you could dig it out with a spoon. But it is fun to watch the progress.

I have to say that watching the little pouch come to the surface as the wax melted was a lot more exciting that I thought it would be. When the wax had finally melted enough to remove the pouch I pulled it out with a pair of tweezers. Make sure you blow out the candle and let the wax cool before removing the pouch.

This is the ring I uncovered. A beautiful faux emerald! And although I didn't find a $5,000 ring in my Diamond Candle, it was still a really cool experience! This product would make a wonderful gift, and with the holiday season coming up, you can't go wrong! And each Diamond Candle is only $24.95 so you can get one for everyone on your list, without breaking the bank.

To enter to win your very own Diamond Candle, fill out the form below. If you have ever had your own Diamond Candle tell us about your experience in the comments, and let us know what scent we should try next!

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