Friday, November 16, 2012

Axle's Story

Axle came from a very wonderful shelter in Lawrenceburg Tn called the Tennessee Animal Rescue & Shelter Inc. I had just moved into my new house and knew that I wanted to get a dog. (Paul and I don’t live together, but the dogs are communal). Axle was actually found by chance. I was trying to get more information about another dog, but found out he had already been adopted.

And that’s when I found Tennessee Animal Rescue & Shelter Inc.’s Facebook page. I had never heard of this shelter before, but I thought it was worth a look. After reading about the shelter and finding out that it was just two hours from my house I decided to investigate the adoptable dogs page. They had about 60 adorable dogs up for adoption at the time. They were all so cute, and no two the same. There were puppies, juveniles, adults, and even senior dogs up for adoption. There were so many sweet furry faces. But there was one in particular that stood out to me.

Picture from Tennessee Animal Rescue Shelter Inc.
This was my first glimpse of Axle. He was a handsome looking 2-year-old Akita/Heeler mix. He had such a quizzical look on his face; it was so charming. Almost as if he were saying, “and why aren’t you petting me and giving me treats now?” I fell in love with just his picture alone. But I knew that I needed to get a little more information about him before I committed to an adoption.

After a few weeks of back and forth communication with the shelter we decided that Axle (named at the shelter) would be a perfect addition to our patchwork family. The next weekend Paul and I packed up the car with Clover in tow (She was the final say in her new brother).

Two hours later we pulled up at the shelter. It had been a long drive and the three of us were more that excited to see a potential new member of our family. We piled out of the car and walked into the office. After some excited introductions we were led outside so we could meet Axle.
He was even more handsome in person. And so tall! I was not expecting him to be as tall as he was, but it added to his intrigue. We were all instantly smitten, including Clover. After a few forms of paperwork we were the proud new parents of a 60lb 2-year-old boy! We were not able to take Axle home with us that day; he needed to stay for a few more days so his vetting could be completed. But what seemed like an eternity later (actually only 2 days) we were making the two-hour journey back to Lawrenceburg to pick up our new boy.

Axle was still a little drowsy from his surgery (neutering) so he slept most of the way home. It took him a few days to get settled in, but now he is a happy, healthy, loving boy. And we are so happy to have him as part of our family. Axle is a wonderful dog, and we couldn’t be more grateful to the Tennessee Animal Rescue & Shelter Inc. for letting us adopt him!

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