Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday shenanigans!

Happy Saturday dear readers! We started our Saturday with a quick 9 am trip to the vet. Clover has had a little ear infection for a few weeks, so we had to go in to see if the ear flush solution the vet gave us was working. Unfortunately, her ear infection has gotten a little worse... so Clover was prescribed some antibiotics and we are supposed to use the ear flush every day instead of every three days. Hopefully the antibiotics will help. She'll have to go back in about a week to see if its getting any better. As you can see Axle was not very amused with being there.
After the vet we headed over to the Centennial Dog Park  near West End in Nashville. This is our usual Saturday morning hang out. We have been going to this park for a few months and both the dogs love it!

This park is always so busy! There are many regulars that we see here every weekend. And there are also always new people and dogs. This park is also HUGE! Much bigger than any other parks that we have been too. There is a much closer Dog Park in Brentwood. But its about 1/3 the size, and its very hit or miss for anyone else to be there. So we make the 30 minute drive to Nashville every Saturday so that Axle and Clover are able to run and play with all their friends. 

Rudy the Collie loves to jump up on the picnic tables at the park so he can get a better view of his surroundings. 

 This is a our good buddy T! He is a sweet and friendly bulldog that we see at the park from time to time. he is such a happy boy, and full of personality!

The dog park is a great place to catch up with your friends.
Everyone is always full of smiles!!
This guy may have bitten off a little more than he can chew. But don't tell him that!
This husky was being a little bashful ;)
Clover tried to make friends with a King Charles Spaniel. But he wasn't very impressed with her shenanigans.

This daring little brown and white girl named Abby figured out that she could jump the 4 1/2 foot fence at the park, and took off on a little adventure. Luckily someone saw her escape and ran after her. Another lady and I were able to find her owner and let her know her dog had gotten out, so she took off to look for her too. Abby's mom was very grateful that the other woman that had gone after her mischievous doggie. Abby was found and few blocks away safe and sound. Her mom decided that she needed to stay on leash for the rest of their stay at the park. Everyone was very happy that Abby was safe.

We met a very friendly Boxer today that was all full of smiles!

This little guy decided that is was time for his close up!

This black a white spotted Great Dane called Nino is a regular at the park, he is SO TALL! And such a sweet boy.

Today we also met a couple of Corgis! They were really adorable, and very friendly!

Axle made friends with this little girl right away. He was very gentle with her, but she was still very overwhelmed by her first time at the park.  

Super cute baby Corgi action!!!!!!!
This little 4 month old was very shy at first, but had a bunch of fun running around with all the other dogs. Its always fun too see all of the young puppies at he park!!

No one tells you to get off the furniture at the dog park!!

This poodle's fro was very fashionable.
Here is out Great Dane friend again, HE IS HUGE!!! 

This sweet Boxer came to the park too! Sometimes its good to get out and visit with friends, even if you aren't feeling that well.

We had such a good time at the park today, and can't wait for our next visit. I hope that all of you have a good weekend! If you have any of your own dog park pictures or stories please share them in the comments below!!!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your pups ear infection I hope the antibiotics help clear it up soon! And oh my goodness all those dogs at the dog park! Eeee! I would just want to take them all home with me, hehe!

    1. Thank you! I hope so too. But our vet said that he is sure that it will be cleared up by next week. Clover isn't a big fan of her ear drops. But she reluctantly lets us put them in. :)

      And yes! I love all of the sweet doggies that we meet on our trips to the park. We usually spend a few hours every Saturday morning there. Axle and Clover just can't get enough of playing with all their friends!

      Thanks for stopping by!!