Friday, November 9, 2012

Clover's Story

I decided to start with Clover’s story first, because even though Axle is older than her, she actually became part of our family first. Paul (my boyfriend) decided that he wanted a puppy. And he wanted a very specific kind of puppy. His list of specifications were...
  • Female
  • A husky or a golden retriever (or mix)
  •  FLUFFY (this was VERY important)
  •  Blue eyes (preferred)
  •  White or cream colored fur

So began my task of finding him the perfect dog. After looking online for shelters in our area for several weeks, our search seemed to come to a stand still. We had inquired about several dogs we saw online, but it seemed that they had already been adopted, not exactly what we were looking for, or were a scam… Our hopes were almost completely dashed at this point. We didn’t think that we were ever going to find THE perfect pup for Paul.

But one late night on a whim, I decided to look on Craigslist. After pouring through several pages of adds I came across one for a female Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mix puppy (They refereed to her as a "Goberian" I had never head of this before, but I thought it was adorable!). There was very little information about this pup, and no picture either. (It seemed completely too good to be true!) After getting a little more information, we decided to make the 2 hour drive to go and meet Clover. We were so excited to potentially be coming home with a new puppy.
When Paul and I finally met Clover she was about 20lbs of pure fluff! She was so cute and precious. We knew right then and there that we had just been bought hook, line, and sinker! There was no way we were leaving without this dog.

That night we came home with Clover. She was so small and squirmy, and she still had puppy breath! (Any ‘dog people’ will know what I’m talking about!) We could not have been happier, our search was over and we had a new member of our little family. We are so grateful for being able to adopt Clover! We love her so much!

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