Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doggie Stocking Stuffers

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Do you need some ideas for stocking stuffers for your furry friends? One of my favorite things about the holidays season is finding the little fun presents and treats that fill up the stockings. And you can bet that both Axle and Clover have their own stocking over the fire place!
The great thing about having stockings for your pet is that you can fill them up with things that you know they will actually use! There is no guessing game when buying presents for your animals. You can choose to fill them with treats, chewy bones, toys, potty bags etc. But here a few of my favorite doggie stocking stuffers this year! 
 Blue Buffalo is one of my 'go to' when buying treats. Axle has a very sensitive stomach and can't have things like raw-hides (which are not that great for dogs anyways) or other 'pressed' treats (he is even on a special sensitive stomach brand of dog food). So Blue Buffalo is a great, all natural, meaty treat he can safely have. I don't like to buy treats or food with a mile long list of ingredients I can't pronounce, so these are a wonderful all natural option. They come in small 4 oz. packages, and are great for small stocking gifts at about $5 a bag. 
Greenies are good if you have an older dog. As a dog ages they can develop plaque build up on their teeth. These treats are specially designed to clean your dogs teeth and freshen their breath (no one likes sticky dog breath). These single packs are great too, at only about $1 each at Petsmart. And they come in several different sizes for toy to large breed dogs. 
Dentley's are another treat that are supposed to be help keep your dogs teeth clean. These beef bones are hallow, so you can fill them with other treats, peanut butter, or another animal safe filling. Just make sure you supervise you dogs while they chew these. Natural bones have the ability to splinter. If this happens take the bone away and dispose of it. (Just make sure you replace it with another safe treat or toy!) These were a steal at only $3 each on sale! (normally around $7)
Oh Kong toys! These are a top shelf favorite in my house. We have so many Kong squeaky toys and treats. They are tough enough for our two +60lb K9s. Kong makes some really great chew toys and treats. Other good stocking stuffers for your pet, or even the pet lover are utility tools. This pet hair removal mitt easily removes pet hair from your couch conclusions and car seats (this mitt was about $6).
 So these are some of my favorite doggie stocking suffers and products! Do you have any treats, toys, or tools you will be putting in your fuzzy friend's stocking this year? We would love for you to let us know about them!


  1. My dog loves Kong squeakers too. We have that fetch stick you show in the picture and the round "donut" one. The stick was actually left outside during the summer overnight and when I went to grab it the next was warped. Apparently sun + heat = messed up squeaker. My little Ellie didn't like it so much after that :(

    1. Ooooooh we have the donut one too. That is Clover's favorite. She will carry that thing all over the house. We've never had one left outside, but that's a good tip! The Kong toys can get a bit expensive, but they are worth the money because they last so long.