Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Park Adventure: McEwen Dog Park

Since it was raining on Saturday, we decided to forgo our normal trek out to the Centennial park and try something new (and closer). There are several smaller dog parks close by, so we decided to check one of them out. We met up with our good friends Bentley, Indy and their mom Katherine at the McEwen Dog park. Its a small park located in Franklin Tn. This park was pretty nice, a lot smaller than our usual place, but they did have a separate section for smaller dogs under 30 lbs. So this was great for our little buddy Indy. He is growing so quickly, but hes still only about 11 weeks old. 
We did meet a few new friends at the McEwen park though! This is Kimchi, a 3 year old Shiba Inu. He had a good time, but was a little stand offish at first. Shibas are surprisingly more 'cat-like', so they are really not much for roughhousing. He did end up becoming buddies with Axle, and they played a few rounds of chase (Axle's favorite game!).
  Clover pretending that she wasn't just rolling around in the mud.
Clover made friends with a very nice Golden Retriever. They both had fun playing by the water fountain.
 We also got to play with a sweet Australian Shepard
Bella was a Choclate Lab on a mission! 
Since it had been raining so much, a huge mud puddle had formed on one end of the park. Axle took it upon himself to take a mud bath... And he was very proud afterwards. It goes without saying that he had a real bath as soon as we got home!
 One thing that I thought was really great about this park is that they have this little agility jump. I tried to get Axle and Clover to try it, but they were not too interested.

Here is little Indy! I swear that he gets bigger every time we see him! He is such a cutie! And so smart too. Indy was showing us some of his tricks while we were there. He can sit, speak, lay down, and crawl. We are so proud of our talented little friend!

We also meet a very handsome retired racer named Power. This dashing fellow tolerated Axle's sniffing nose very well. Sometimes Axle doesn't have the best manners and sticks his wondering nose right in other dog's faces (and sometimes people's). But I guess that's just his way of saying "Hi!"

 And here is Bentley giving us her famous smile! She always poses for pictures, its so cute! It was really nice meeting up with her, Indy and their mom yesterday. Its great to have buddies to go to the park with! The McEwen park was not as busy as the one in Nashville, but it was great for an impromptu rainy day adventure!

What have you been doing this weekend? Have you gone to any new parks or other places? We would love to hear about your weekend adventures!


  1. I love all your photos! Your blog is really cute. Thanks for swapping buttons with me. :)