Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Sundog!

Happy Sundog dear readers! I got back in from Minnesota late last night. I was really glad that I was able to fly up with my dad and visit my grandparents for a few days. But it is really good to be home too. I took Axle and Clover to the Centennial park today and they had a blast. We always love going to this particular dog park because it is always packed! Here are some of the friends we made...

 The best outfit award today goes to mousse! This little guy was showing off his awesome T shirt at the park.

 What a beautiful day!

 Mona was all about the tennis balls.

 Clover was REALLY happy to be at the park today.

 Banjo strikes a pose!

 I'm not sure that this little guy was too keen on having his picture taken...

These two are always fighting over something!

 Mona with her tennis ball again!

 Clover sometimes likes to take a break and cool off by the water fountain.

 MOM! Did you bring my treats!?!

 Axle met up with his good buddy Loki, these two love to roughhouse.

This dog has great camouflage. 

 Sometimes its just nice to sit back and watch everyone else run around.

 This little doggie has places to be!

 Dexter waved us over to play!

 Lets play!

 Time for a drink!

 Hi there!

 Axle is good at being nosy!

 Tag! You're it!

 This guy was super excited about being at the park today!

 Its getting a little rowdy in here!

 This puggle was ready for his closeup!

 This stylish pooch was strutting his stuff, and showing off his very dapper bandanna.

 We also met up with our buddy Indy! He is 10 months old and growing SO FAST!

 Here is Clover and Indy's sister Bentley.

 Indy quickly found another pup to play with.

 Nice to meet you!

 This girl has the best smile!

 Bentley giving us a big smile!

Chance letting us know what he thinks of getting his picture taken, haha!

We had a really great time at the park today! What have you been doing this Sunday? See your dog? Let us know their name, so we can put it by their picture! Hope you have a great week!

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