Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dog Park Adventure: Ready, Set, Play!

Saturday was so busy! I had volunteer orientation at Williamson County Animal Control & Adoption Center that afternoon. I am so excited to start volunteering! If anyone is in the Nashville/Franklin area, they are always looking for extra help!

Afterwards I took Axle and Clover to the park! The weather was beautiful, and a lot of other people and their dogs came out as well. We got to see a lot of familiar faces, and also made some new friends!
 It was still a little chilly out, so this sweet doggie made sure to bundle up!

 Big or small, everyone can have fun at the dog park!
 Well, hello there!

Sweet Sadie giving us a smile!

 This cute Bully pup was having a great time at the dog park!

 Clover loves to climb on the big rocks.
 Axle likes to show off his climbing skills too!

 This adorable Lab patiently waited for someone to throw his ball!

 Axle was all smiles!

 Shake it off Clover.

 What could be better than three friends looking for adventure!?

 Clover and Loki checking out the tree stump.

 T came for a visit!

 Ru and Turkey playing ball with their dad!
 Um... hi? This doggie looks a little camera shy.
 Noah is the life of the party!!

 T and Clover

 What's going on over there?

 Let's play ball!
 Clover and Thor the Shepard mix taking a break.

 Thor is so handsome!

 Noah and Clover having a chat.
 Good catch!

We had such a great time at the park yesterday! We will be back next weekend, but I think we are going to spend the rest of Sunday just relaxing! Axle and Clover have been napping all day, so I know they really enjoyed running around with all their friends. 

Have you been to the park recently? See your dog? Leave us a note in the comments below so we can put their name with their picture! We love making new friends!


  1. so cute!!! your dog park looks like so much more fun then the one we go to.

  2. So many cute puppy faces!!!! That looks like such a nice BIG park. Our dog park here is little. My dogs are scared of other dogs, so we just walk them at the regular park. Chloe thinks she is a "big" dog and forgets that most the other dogs could eat her. lol

    1. This park is HUGE!! I am so glad that we have such a nice park to take the dogs to. They really enjoy going and playing with all the other dogs!

      Thats really funny, because Clover is 75 lbs. But she looooves little dogs. She always wants to go up and play with them the most, but It makes me nervous because she is so big! I think that she thinks she a little dog, haha!


  3. These pictures want me to take all these cute furry faces home with me! So cute!

    1. I know the feeling! I love all the sweet doggies at the park! :)