Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Doggies

What a weekend! Whew! We had so much to do this weekend, I'm surprised we got it all done! I took Axle to the vet Friday night after work. And then he came with me to the Franklin Art Scene. He had so much fun, and just about everyone stoped to pet him. He was in doggie heaven! It snowed Friday night/Saturday morning, so Axle and Clover got to play on the patio in the snow for a little while.
 Is there something on my nose?

Saturday afternoon Paul and I met with Sarah from The Bang Candy Company to talk about catering options for our wedding in November. We got to try a few of the treats that they offer, and they were amazing! The treats were so good we decided to stay for lunch. (Which was just as delicious!) And I got a t-shirt!
Afterwards we had a few quick errands to run (including stopping at one of my favorite local clothing store's in Nashville. House of Stella. They were having a 20% off sale!) before heading off to pick out our, wedding bands! This was so exciting. I absolutely love the rings we picked out. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures in the store, but I promise I'll share photos as soon as we get them back from being sized.

Paul and I had dinner with my brother and his girlfriend Saturday night, we always love getting to spend time with them. After dinner we called it a night, because we had been runing around all day.

Sunday was just as busy, Paul had to go to work and I had another morning of volunteering a the shelter. There were a few new faces, and few of the dogs had 'I've been adopted' signs on their Kennels! Including Shelia's who's picture I shared last week! 
 Hooper the bowlegged Min Pin - Available for adoption

There are not just big dogs needing homes, there are also a lot of toy breeds that are in the shelter as well. I walked this sweet boy Hooper today. His back legs are bowed out so he looks like a little cowboy when he walks. He probably only weiged about 4lbs! So tiny!
 Conan the Husky - Available for adoption
This sweet 8 year old boy stole my heart. I think this might be what Paul was afraid of when I signed up to volunteer at the shelter. But I promised I wouldn't bring home any more pets, haha! Conan was absolutely wonderful! I have always had a soft spot for older dogs, especially when they have a little gray on their muzzles. So cute!
 Gabana the Pit Bull Mix - Available for adoption

For anyone that thinks the shelter is just full of adult and senior dogs, you would not believe how many puppies get dropped off every day. Gabana was another dog that I have apparently fallen for. This sweet baby is only 8 months old and is just precious! He is a little timid, but so affectionate! He was more interested in cuddling than anything else. I would bring him home in a heartbeat if I had the room!
Whiskey the Pit Bull Mix - Available for adoption

This charming girl is Whiskey, she is 2 1/2 years old and is beyond sweet. She is a cuddle bug! It is really hard to imagine how so many well behaved and sweet dogs end up in the shelter. I can't ever imagine giving Axle or Clover up for any reason... but I guess that I don't know the circumstances of every surrender. But it still makes me very sad... I walked a few other dogs today, but sometimes its hard to get their pictures. But they are all so wonderful and deserving of good homes! 

After I got done at the shelter I came back home for a quick lunch and then it was off to the Brentwood dog park with Axle and Clover. We met up with our friends Indy, Bentley and their mom Katherine! I'll post all our pictures later this week. Right now I think I'm going to curl up on the couch with the dogs and watch the end of the Puppy Bowl! I hope you all had a good weekend! 


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