Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dog Park Adventure: Old Friends!

This past weekend was SO busy. But we did manage to make it out the Brentwood dog park for a few hours on Sunday. This is not our usual hang out on the weekends, and it is never as busy as our Centennial park, but this park is a lot closer to our house, and we were meeting some friends here today!

 Axle sometimes reminds me of a Springbok. He loves bounding and bouncing everywhere.
Our friends just showed up!
 We met up with Bentley, Indy and their mom Katherine today at the park! I has been so long since the last time we have seen them. All the dogs were so happy to get to play together again!

 We also met a sassy lab mix named Ginger. She made sure everyone knew that she wanted to be the boss!
Axle always likes to lay flat on his tummy in the grass. He is so silly.

We also met a very sweet Golden mix named Cooper.

 I cannot believe how big Indy has gotten! The last time we saw him he was about 10 weeks old and 20lbs. Now he is almost 20 weeks old and over 40lbs! He is growing up so fast!
 Indy and his sister/surrogate momma Bentley are just too adorable!
 -SMOOCH!- Indy and Clover are BFFs!
 Indy is a little shy, but so so soooo sweet!
We were so happy to get to see our friends again today! With the weather being so wonky like it has the past few weeks its hard to plan trips out to the park. But hopefully once it starts to warm up we will be start up our mid week trips to this park again. How was everyone's weekend?

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