Monday, February 11, 2013

Volunteering: Rain, Rain, and more Rain

What a weekend! Have you ever felt like you just need another weekend from your weekend? Hah! Saturday was full of house cleaning and organizing. Paul got some new (to him) furniture from his Grandfather's old apartment on Friday while I was at work. It might be a little over sized for his bedroom, but it works. 

I went into the shelter to volunteer for a few hours Sunday morning. Its getting harder and harder to make time to take pictures of the dogs I walk when I go to volunteer. I'm so focused on getting as many as I can out for a walk, there just really isn't time. So I think instead of trying to take pictures of everyone, I may just choose one each week. As sort of an 'Adoptable Dog of the Week' segment. We'll see how that one goes, haha! 

By the time I got back home the little drizzle that started a bit towards the end of my shift had turned into a torrential down pour. (I feel like Tennessee winters are nothing but rain...) I thought that if I waited an hour or two the rain would stop, but no such luck... the rain only stopped when the sun started to go down. So there was no way we could have made a trip out. But there will be other chances to go to the dog park. I always feel a little guilty when the dogs don't get to go to the park on the weekends. 

They get walked during the week, and they play with each other in the house and out on the patio... but its just not the same as getting to see them sprint at full speed around the park with all the other dogs. I wish we were able to go more often...but once the days start getting longer and it warms back up, we will be able to reinstate our wednesday trips to the smaller/closer park after I get off work.

What did you get into this weekend? Do you have any tips for getting rid of the rainy weekend blues? Share with us in the comments below! 


  1. I wish I could have a weekend every 2 to 3 days...And I've been meaning to volunteer at the rescue we got Stella at. They have been having a run\walk event every Saturday but I've been busy. This is something I need to work on this year. -Jess L

  2. I hear ya! My weekends have been so busy lately its a little ridiculous! But they have been fun busy, so thats good at least. But sometimes I wish I could just have a weekend to do absolutely nothing. haha!


  3. the weekends are totally way too short! and i don't get my dogs out to the park enough either. they enjoy running in our yard most days though.

    1. Well thats good at least! Neither Paul no I have a yard. We both live in townhouses, so off leash time can only be had at the park. But they still get to play inside! :)