Saturday, February 9, 2013

Zumba Fitness RUSH!


Today I wanted to share something a little different with you dear readers. For the past few weeks I have been trying to get in 'wedding shape' for my upcoming wedding in November. Now I normally do light exercises like walking, jogging, stretching, etc a few times a week. But I recently purchased a game called Zumba Fitness RUSH for the Xbox Kinect. This game is amazing! I have taken Zumba classes in the past and loved them, but they can get pretty expensive. On top of my gym membership fee, they are $10 for a 60 minute class at my gym. And that adds up fast! (This game was $39 at Gamestop.)
I had heard that Zumba had come out with a game a while ago, and since Paul has a Kinect and a TV (I don't have a television or internet at my place :( ) I thought I'd try it out. This game starts out by teaching you the moves first. It can be a little weird getting used to following someone on the screen facing you as a mirror image. It took me a a while to get used to that aspect of the game. I kept wanting to do the opposite! (i.e. the game character would move their right arm and I would move my left.) But after a couple tries I got used to following along correctly.

After you go through the basic moves you can get into that actual game. You are able to play one song at a time or take 'classes'. These will range from a short class, mid length class, or a long class. The workout that you get from playing this game is awesome, and on top of that its actually fun! Sometimes I don't really want to exercise because it can be boring, and then I have to force myself to do it. And then that makes me not like it even more. But this game is fast paced and very entertaining.
Now I am by no means a gamer, I don't even really like video games honestly. But I am really enjoying this one. The routines can be a little complicated at first. But there is a rating system on both the left side, and bottom of your screen. The bottom one is for your over all rating for the song. And the one on the let is for each individual move. When you preform a move correctly, you receive a 'ZUMBA!' rating. If you are close to getting the move right, you get a 'HOT!' rating. And if you kinda just screw it up you get, 'nice!'

So if you're like me, and sometimes have trouble getting motivated to work out, I highly recommend this game. There is even a two player mode if you want to play with a friend! I was laughing he whole time the first time I played this game. It might make you feel a little silly at first, but it is absolutely a really great way to have fun and get a great work out!

Do you have and unique or fun ways of keeping in shape? Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to keep exercising fun? Share with us in the comments below! 


  1. That's great that you found a fun way to work out!! :) Thats why I love riding my bike. It's a workout and fun!

    1. I love bike riding too! But it rains so much in the winter here that it can sometimes just be unsafe to try and go out on a bike. But I do love to go out on the bike trails in the summer and fall!