Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doggie Makeovers!

Hello dear readers, it has been a while. Real life just seems to be getting in the way lately. We had a death in the family at the beginning of last week, so there has been a lot of visiting family in town. It was really wonderful to have everyone here, I just wish it were under better circumstances. We have been spending a lot of time with everyone while they were here. And even managed to get all of the younger cousins over for a game night. That was a lot of fun, and hopefully the next time everyone gets together it will be for a happier reason.

One thing that we were able to get done last week we gave Axle and Clover their much needed summer hair cuts. We have been wanting to do this for a few weeks now, but its just now starting to stay consistently warm out. This was the first time we've done this, but I am actually really happy with how their hair cuts turned out!
 Clover Before
Clover After

Paul made me leave her tail fluffy. I think she looks like a lemur, but it is pretty cute. And my goodness is she so much happier without all that fur! Clover is usually not a cuddly dog. She will sit next to you on the couch, but if you try to love on her too much she bails. But since we shaved her down all she wants to do is be cuddled and petted. I really think she just got so overheated before, but now that she isn't carrying around all that fur she is a lot more comfortable. 

And she also wants to be outside all the time now! We have a small back patio that the dogs can go out on and get some fresh air. Clover was never really too keen on the patio, but now I can't get her to come inside! Its so funny to see her jump up and run to the door whenever I ask the dogs if they want to go out. But when its time for them to come in I have to physically go out and get Clover because she is having too much fun laying in the sunshine.

And don't worry about her getting too cold. The dogs have beds, blankets, and pillows galore. Axle and Colver are both strictly inside dogs. They only go outside to potty and play. Otherwise they are kept safe, warm, and cozy inside the house.
Axle Before

Axle After

Axle is making such a weird face in this photo. There was a big bumble bee buzzing around when I took this. And he sooo wanted to eat it. Does anyone else's dogs like eating bumble bees!? I swear they both go nuts trying to catch them when ever they happen to buzz by.

Axle doesn't look that different, but we figured we'd go ahead and shave him down too. The dogs both seem a lot happier with their summer cuts. The back patio was completely covered in fur after Paul and I were finished. But it was worth the mess because we would have had a $200+ bill if we had taken them to the groomers. And I think that we did a pretty good job too! And it has cut down on the shedding tremendously!

Do you clip your dogs for the summer? Have you ever done it yourself, or do you use a groomer? Do you have any grooming tips? Drop us a note in the comments below!

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