Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pet of the Week: Petunia

Well hello there dear readers. Its been a few weeks since we have had a POTW post. The shelter where I volunteer had a little Distemper outbreak, and was under quarantine for almost a month. Everything is alright now. But the shelter was not letting the volunteers come in for safety reasons. This past Sunday was my first shift back, and I was so happy to be there! I hadn't realized how much I really love going into the shelter to walk the dogs until I wasn't allowed to go!
But we are now back and business! This weeks PotW is a sweet girl named Petunia. Or Tuna, as I have affectionately nicknamed her. When she walks the tips of her ears bounce a little and look like tiny fins. And the smidgen of white on her tail reminds me of an Angler Fish's lure when it curls over her back. Its so adorable! 
Petunia is a medium sized girl with pretty prefect leash manners. She would be great for a laid back family that likes to take long walks and cuddle on the couch. Petunia is a young adult dog, but is surprisingly mellow for her age. She is sweet as can be, and looking for her forever home!

If you think that your family would be a good match for Petunia please contact The Williamson County Animal Control & Adoption Center in Franklin Tn. Or check out their Pet Finder page for their other adoptable animals!


  1. Petunia is adorable! Love the white tip of her tail and the flying nun ears. :)

  2. She is quite the character, and very very sweet!