Sunday, May 19, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Katie Pritzl

Hello dear readers! Today we have a very special Artist Spotlight post featuring one of my sweet friends, Katie Pritzl! I have known Katie for several years, and she is very talented artist, that works in a wide variety of mediums. Many of her pieces carry a lot of emotional weight and spark thought provoking reactions. While others have more of a quirky and whimsical presence. 

I currently have the pleasure of owning two of her wonderful creations; a painting and a mixed media collage. I was thrilled when Katie agreed to take part in an Artist Spotlight post on this blog! So without further adieu, it is my great pleasure to introduce Miss Katie Pritzl!

Where can your work be seen/purchased? 
Currently I have things on display at Blackbird Gallery in Nashville and the Franklin art crawl. I also have work on display at Happy Endings in Seattle for the rest of the month.

Do you have any on-line resources where you work is featured?
Pritzl Arts on Facebook and Etsy
What mediums do you work in? Do you have any that you prefer, or find hard to work with?
As of right now I mainly work in acrylics and love finding new ways to use mixed media & found objects. I'm staying away from oils for the time being just because of the cleanup that is required. I hope to try all mediums eventually.

What has been your most challenging piece to date? Was there a reason why is was so difficult? 
There is actually a rather large piece I still haven't completed and put aside for the time being, it was coming from a rather emotional place and I haven't quite figured out how to finish it yet.
Do you have a plan when you are working on a project? Or do you just 'let it happen'? I often start with a general idea and build off of that, letting most of the piece happen naturally. However some of the pieces that people love the most started as an absentminded doodle.
Is there always a definitive point when you know a project is complete? Have you ever had a piece that you were never really sure if its finished or not?
For most pieces I reach a certain point and know when it's finished, but there have been plenty of times when I've tortured something beyond recognition because I couldn't stop.
 Where do you most like to pull inspiration from?Anywhere and everywhere! Most often it comes from music that strikes a chord with me, I get images in my head and do my best to convey them for everyone to see.
Are you strictly an artist, or do you have any other professions/passions?
Art is my deepest passion, even my day job is at an art museum. I want to be surrounded by it as much as possible.

What are your future goals as an artist? Where do you want to see your art taking you in the years to come?I have plans for organizing and curating new art shows, specifically shows benefiting equal rights organizations and charities. I believe that it is possible to make the world a better place through art and I intend to prove it.

I want to say a huge thank you to Katie for taking the time to participate in this post! I love learning about my artist friends, and their creative processes. I have always admired Katie's art and I really enjoyed having featured in an Artist Spotlight post! This is just a small sampling of her work, so please check out her Facebook and Etsy to see her other wonderful creations! 

If you would like to be featured in an Artist Spotlight post please feel free to send us a note here!

All photos are c/o Pritzl Arts

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