Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nala the kitten visits the office!

I know that this is mainly a 'dog blog', but I just had to share this with you my dear readers! One of the girls in my office adopted a stray kitten this week and brought her into the office for the day. This little orange fur ball is SO CUTE!
I got the opportunity to "kitten sit" for a little while, and I got the most adorable pictures of this little girl! Her name is Nala, and she is only 4 weeks old, and so tiny! She was found covered in mud and all alone some time last week. And through the grape vine, was adopted by my co-worker.
While I was watching her, I could not help but snap some absurdly adorably pictures of Nala with my phone. I had her snuggled up in my hoodie to keep her warm, and she instantly fell asleep. (eee!)

I wish that Nala could come to work everyday! But I probably wouldn't get any work done...haha! It was really awesome to spend some time with her today. And I am so happy that she is now going to have a loving home!

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